Our story is actually quite simple. Northeast Printwear was founded by our Creative Director Michael, a First Responder (Paramedic) for over 30 years. He always had a passion for custom apparel. Over the years, he noticed one major flaw that seemed all too familiar among consumers, particularly first responders. Many print shops were simply taking advantage of customers with high prices, very cheap clothing and prints.

“It was very difficult to find a reputable print shop to print first responder apparel that wouldn’t rip you off”, says Michael. That seemed to be the way things are and there weren’t many options available. With a drive to change the industry, that’s when the concept of Northeast Printwear began.

Over the next year or so, Michael visited many equipment manufactures, ink and thread suppliers to figure out a way to integrate quality and affordability, when it comes to custom apparel.


“Our goal was to create an easy way for customers to order apparel and use only the best inks and threads – all while maintaining fair, honest pricing.” This idea actually became our Mission Statement.

“We have to be better at everything we do” – was the driving force and before we knew it, Northeast Printwear was born – quickly gaining recognition as a quality apparel decorator – not only to first responders but to everyone.

Michael’s youngest son, Christian – who is Autistic was also the inspiration behind many of the practices we implement today which include maintaining a safe production area (as Christian often likes to come in and help), safe inks and establishing a healthy, friendly working environment for everyone.

Today, we are known as a quality, premium print shop for first responders, schools, businesses, organizations, non-profits, fundraisers and more. Our loyal customers come to us for the absolute best quality, support and our honest pricing, Not because we are the “cheapest”! We don’t even try to compete on price. It’s the value and quality our clients demand from us.

We are family and first responder owned – proudly serving our valued customers everywhere.