Design Tips

How To Create An Awesome T-Shirt Design

So, you have a design idea for a shirt … good! Many people have ideas of putting something on a shirt but many don’t know how do design it properly. In this article, we are going to give you a few quick tips to help you create that killer design.

Your Concept

The first thing you need to figure out is – your overall design concept. Ask yourself, what do you want your design to represent and design your logo with that in mind.

Designing Your Logo

This is the part you can let your creativity show and bring your ideas to life. Use professional industry standard software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw to create your designs. These programs will have all the tools you need and aren’t that difficult to learn in creating basic designs.

You want your design to stand out so avoid using cheesy clipart and templates you see on those online design wizards. At Northeast Printwear, we don’t offer online design tools for our customers. Everyone using those types of sites are all working with the same designs, artwork and templates. Not much in the way of creativity and original designs there.

Keeping It Simple

Somethings, a simple design goes a long way. Don’t be afraid to try different design options and variations. Some concepts call for a complex design while others need a more subtle approach. It may take you several attempts to come up with the final design you like the best. Share you design ideas with people and ask for input. Someone may suggest that one thing that will set your design over the top.

Design It Properly

Image your design for what you envision it being printed on. If you are designing for a t-shirt or hoodie for example, image your design idea on there. This will help you in determining your proper design dimensions. Example, if you create a design to take up the entire front of a t-shirt, that same design will not fit on a hoodie, as you have the pockets and seems to consider. So, design accordingly.

Consider Your Audience

During the design phase, think about who you are designing for. Some things to consider include the age and gender of your market or are you targeting a specific audience. Example, if you are designing a t-shirt for wine drinkers, your target audience would probably most likely consist of females. This would be something to think about incorporating into your designs.

Prepare Your Artwork

When designing you logo, do so using industry standard graphic programs as mentioned previously. You want to design at 300 dpi (high resolution) and convert any text into shapes or objects. Save your artwork in the software’s default extension or as a PNG or JPEG. Images saved as BMP or GIF are not usable and typically are of poor resolution. Rule of thumb to remember is – the better the quality of your artwork, the better your printed design will look. Poor artwork equals poor print quality.

Hire The Right Printer

Now that you have your design created and ready for production – it’s time to find a good printer. There are many choices on the internet to out source your apparel printing. But beware, as not all printers are the same. Choose one that has your best intentions in mind and not just after the sale.

Ask about their printing process, expected turn around and artwork considerations. A good printer will ensure your artwork is of the best quality and production ready. If it’s not, the printer should offer some sort of design service to correct your artwork. After all, remember, good designs quality equals good printing results and vise versa. Cost is another thing to consider when shopping around. Don’t always go with the lowest price. Look into what you are getting for your buck.

And lastly – pricing is affected by several factors including printing techniques, amount of colors in your design and apparel choices. Typically, the more you order, the more you save. When the printer orders a larger quantity of the apparel blanks for you at discounted rates, those savings are passed along to you, the consumer.

What We Offer

UrbanFly Apparel offers FREE design service, competitive pricing and fast turn around times. We want to earn your business as your apparel decorator and provide you with excellent service and quality products. But don’t take our word for it. Come see why so many choose us for their t-shirt and apparel needs. Remember, your designs are only as good as the apparel decorator you choose.

Happy Designing!