Garment Care

Here are some useful tips for garment care to keep your custom apparel looking it’s absolute best for years to come. This applied to just about every garment type including t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts and more.


100% cotton & apparel with high cotton percentage

These garments require strict garment care. It is strongly suggested to hang dry all cotton garments and avoid the dryer. All cotton garments will shrink when placed in the dryer. The amount of shrinkage depends on the manufacturing process and manufacturer. Please read manufacture label for garment care.

Athletic / Performance Apparel

Performance apparel / 100% polyester are designed with moisture wicking and cooling properties. The use of fabric softener is strongly advised against as these chemicals coat the fabric preventing it to breathe properly. Also, any stain on the garment will permanently set into the fabric. So please do not use fabric softener on your apparel and read manufacture labels for garment care.