Garment Care

Here are some useful tips for garment care to keep your custom apparel looking it’s absolute best for years to come. This applied to just about every garment type including t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts and more.


Wash In Cold Water

Wash your printed garments inside out in cold water. Be sure to use a normal wash cycle and mix with like colors.

Bleach & Softners

We strongly recommend avoid using bleach and fabric softeners in the wash for your printed garments. These items are chemicals which degrade your prints.



Do not iron or steam iron over imprint/design areas. Also, keep in mind, ironing over synthetic fabrics is not recommended.


Line Dry

Although tempting to toss your items in the dryer, DON’T! Line drying is strongly recommended. The high heat of the dryer will degrade fabrics and print with each cycle. The dryer will also shrink most garments. 


Wear & Fading

As with anything, repetitive rubbing and friction over your print location(s) will degrade the print/inks over time, depending on how you use/wear your garments. This is normal.

Dark & Colored Garments

Exposure to high heat (such as a dryer) will cause the garment color to “bleed through” the print area / ink. This is normal, especially on synthetic blends and is called dye migration.