Save On Your MiniThon Apparel

So you’re trying to organize a MiniThon Fundraiser event and realize ordering custom apparel is beginning to drain your resources. This is a common problem we hear a lot from our customers.

At UrbanFly Apparel, we believe in delivering high quality items at fair prices. With our recent partnership with Four Diamonds, we have arranged to offer exclusive pricing for participating MiniThon schools and organizations for your fundraising events.

What does that mean? Your fundraising efforts shouldn’t go towards funding your apparel. The more money we can save you, the more that will go towards your MiniThon financial goal.

So why do we do this? Like many, finding a cure for childhood Cancer is something we greatly support as it has affected our very own – the Walsh Family. Our way of giving back to the Childhood Cancer community is to offer ways to save through your fundraising efforts with affordable apparel.

Visit our MiniThon page to see the special pricing we have set in place to help you save in ordering custom t-shirts. You can apply your savings towards your fundraising goals.

If you have any questions or have specific apparel needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here and happy to help.

Happy fundraising!