Terms of Service

By placing orders with Northeast Printwear and/or UrbanFly Apparel Co, you acknowledge you are aware of, have read, understand and agree to the terms of service. We encourage everyone to review this content along with FAQs on the service pages as they are put in place to help protect our customers as well as outline our responsibility to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Below lists our terms and conditions along with artwork information in regards to with placing orders with Northeast Printwear and UrbanFly Apparel Co. This section is updated as needed and is the responsibility of our customers to review it’s content.



Trademarks & Logos

When submitting trademarked designs or logos, Northeast Printwear reserves the right to reject these types of designs under copyright laws. It is the responsibility of the customer to obtain legal permission from the copyright holder of the design for production. We hold no responsibility on determining ownership of trademarked designs submitted by the customer or authorization of it’s use . Upon submission of these types of designs, you express user permission for production and release Northeast Printwear and UrbanFly Apparel Co, LLC from any legal responsibilities.

Northeast Printwear’s art department will not create designs using copyrighted materials.

Design Service

If you do not have a hi-resolution design, we offer design service for a fraction of what other screen printers would charge. There is a lot of work that goes into creating an amazing design so pricing will depend on the complexity of your request.

We offer converting customer supplied artwork into high resolution format for a charge. In regards to copyrighted material and artwork, we can not offer edits to your supplied design as it is the customer’s responsibility to determin and obtain permissiion of use from the copyright holder.

Proof Approval

Prior to the start of production, the customer will be issued a digital proof via email for approval of the design. It is the customer’s responsibility to confirm the accuracy of the design and it’s content. Once approved, production will begin. Pleas note, production can not begin until all artwork has been approved. Changes to artwork after approval may be subject to an additional charge. Once production has begun, changes to artwork will not be accepted.

During the proof approval process, we alot up to three (3) revisions/edits to the design, afterwhich a design charge may apply.

If you arrange through your project manager to begin production without following the proof approval process, you agree leaving to our discretion decoration decisions and to accept the finished project as is.

Artwork for print media

Artwork for print media (business cards, postcards, banners, etc.

Utilize professional graphic editing software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc.

We can not use images taken from a cell phone or low quality images taken from the internet. Invest in the time needed to produce quality artwork as this greatly affects the final print quality.

Submit artwork in VECTOR format whenever possible. If your design is of high resolution and scaled to size, then you can follow the guideline below.

Artwork must be a minimum 300 dpi in CYMK FORMAT and scaled to size (the size it will be printed).

Convert all fonts to shapes or outlines. and vectorize all images whenever possible.
See below for acceptable file formats to send.

If you have any difficulties preparing your own artwork or with any of the steps, send us your designs and let us prepare them for you. There is a standard artwork charge for our art department to prepare your artwork.

Created Artwork

When submitting digitized artwork or production ready artwork, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure quality of artwork is a good quality and digitized files are produced accurately.

UrbanFly Apparel created artwork or digitized files are created to the specs of our equipment software requirements. All artwork created by UrbanFly Apparel will remain property and/or intellectual property of UrbanFly Apparel. Customers can request high definition files of their completed projects. All digitized artwork will remain property of UrbanFly Apparel since these file types are created specifically for our machines.


Services Provided

Northeast Printwear and UrbanFly Apparel Co. agrees to perform all services listed on the customer’s quote and/or proof agreement. By placing an order, you acknowledge agreement to the terms of the order. UrbanFly Apparel is not responsible for assumptions made by the customer for services not written or agreed upon. Northeast Printwear and UrbanFly Apparel Co. holds no responsibility for delays caused by the customer or our suppliers, which affects deadlines. Northeast Printwear and UrbanFly Apparel Co. expresses no assumptions on the customer’s behalf on any service not agreed upon or documented.


We make every effort to meet ordering deadlines for our customers whenever possible. However, certain situations may present a challenge and out of our control. Although we do offer rush service, we encourage you to allow ample time for your order to be processed avoiding any issues and delays. Some situations out of our control may include the following:

1): Processing / arrival of blank goods from our suppliers in order for us to print your order. Depending on the items you request, we may utilize several suppliers across the country for the blank goods. This is common in our industry as companies like ours, can not stock everything. Once our customers place an order, we can then order the blank goods needed to begin production of your order.

2): Artwork delays. Remember, production can not begin until all artwork is approved by the customer.

3): Shipping and Transit times. We ship orders out via USPS (UPS and FEDEX occasionally) and try to provide accurate delivery dates. However, we have no control over delays and delivery schedule changes made by shipping carriers. Standard shipping without guarantee delivery date is our default method of shipping. For delivery by specific date or rush service, please make that request during the ordering process or talk with your project manager.

Placing Orders

All orders and quote requests made after 3 p.m. (EST) may be processed the next business day – depending on our volume.

Customer Supplied Garments

We do not print on customer supplied apparel for many reasons. Garments available directly to apparel decorators are specifically produced and manufactured to be printed on – being free from chemicals and hard detergents used for retail sold items. We can not guarantee quality of the print on retail purchased items so we don’t offer this as an option. Plus, you generally don’t save anything in trying to do so.

Rest assured, you are getting the absolute best pricing for your custom orders with UrbanFly Apparel.

In the rare case we do print on customer supplied garments, UrbanFly Apparel holds no responsibility to unpredictable print results and/or garment discoloration/damage. We do our best to provide high quality prints in every order. The customer acknowledges this and releases Northeast Printwear and UrbanFly Apparel Co. form any financial liability.

Out of Stock Items

We reserve the right to substitute out of stock items with that of equal value and quality.

Payments & Refunds

The customer agrees to pay for all items ordered without exception. All payments must be made in advance prior to the start of the design and production of your order. Due to the customization nature of our business, we can not issue refunds once production has begun or from mistakes in design / layout approved by the customer.

Refunds will be honored for manufacturing defects in the product or mistakes made by Northeast Printwear and UrbanFly Apparel Co. For damages sustained in shipping/transit, please contact us.

Viewing Online Proofs

Your design is created and/or edited from information provided by the customer. When viewing online proofs, please keep in mind these are computer generated proof renderings and the finished product may look slightly different.

Also, the type of garment, blend and color all affect print color. This is normal. We try our best to counter act this whenever possible.

Up to three (3) revisions and/or edits are provided to the design as a service charge may apply.

Production Time

Our standard production time is 7-10 business days (does not include weekends or holidays). Production time begins after customer proof approval and payment has been received.

We do offer RUSH services for specific projects. Contact us to discuss your project deadline if you require rush service as each order varies. Please note there is an additional charge for RUSH service.

Please note, production time does not include shipping & transit times. While we try our best to meet our expected deadlines, we have no control over carrier shipping times.

Quote Requests

Quotes are valid for a period of 5 days. They are based on the current pricing set by the suppliers and manufactures of blank apparel.

Screen printers can not stock every type of apparel and color as we are not in the clothing/warehouse business. We are apparel decorators who order blank apparel from suppliers as orders come in to us. After 7 days, your quote may need to be adjusted so we encourage you to lock in your quote with payment as soon as possible.

If you do not know the breakdown of sizes you will need, we will provide you with a quote based on sizes S-XL. Sizes 2XL and above will have an additional charge.

Ordering Process

After you receive your online quote and payment has been made, your order is moved into the design phase. Here is where our design team works on your logo/design. If you submitted hi-resolution artwork, we will ensure it meets our quality standards to achieve the best print possible. If we are creating a logo/design, you will work with our designers to bring your creative ideas to life.

From there, you will receive an online proof of your design. We allow up to three (3) revisions without any additional charge. Once you approve the design, it’s off to production. Our production time is generally 7-10 business days (after proof approval) – however, we strive to complete orders well within that time frame.

Screen Print Colors

Please view our standard print colors on the screen printing page of our website. For specialty inks or custom colors (PMS Color Matching), there is an additional charge. Please keep in mind – the colors on the chart are for reference only, as everyone’s screen and/or home printer will display these colors a bit differently.

Also, there are several factors that could affect the final print such as apparel color and the type of fabric printing on. This is normal and we try to counter act this as much as possible. In general, colors are more vibrant on lighter colored garments.

During the quote and/or ordering process, it is the customer’s responsibility to make UrbanFly Apparel aware of the need for PMS color matching. Otherwise, our standard print colors will be utilized.

see screen print info
Embroidery Thread Colors

We offer many thread color options to choose. There are no PMS color matching for thread colors as we are not “making the thread”. With screen printing, we can offer PMS Color Matching as we mix colors together in a specific formula to achieve your custom color. This is not possible with thread colors. With the vast array of colors we have available, we are able to closely match your desired colors.

Please refer to the Thread Color Chart on the Embroidery Page for available thread colors.

see embroidery page
Direct to Garment Print

Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing is a method of apparel decoration where your logo or design is printed directly onto the garment using a special printer equipped with high quality inks formulated for textiles.  There is no need to worry about how many colors are in your design, like screen printing.

All DTG print garments should be washed prior to wearing as they are pre-treated with a special chemical prior to printing. For more information regarding DTG Printing options, please reference the DTG Printing page on our website.

see DTG page

For team apparel or garment personalization, we utilize professional heat applied vinyl or heat applied materials unless otherwise specified. All our heat applied materials are child safe and meet CPSIA guidelines.

Online Stores

If you would like to set up an online store on our site for group ordering, there is an additional 3.5% charge added to each order. This is the service fee charged by credit card processing services. We add this charge to each online group order as this extra cost is not factored into your price/quote.

This only applies to pages we step up for group ordering and not other items on our site.


Production Samples

We do not offer production samples as this is extremely costly. We offer online renderings and proofs of your items which closely represent what the final product will look like.

Non-Profit Discounts

We offer special pricing to non-profit and charitable organizations. Please contact us for a quote and see what we have to offer.

Garment Care

Wait at least 24 hours before the first wash. This allows the ink/decoration methods used to settle into the garment. We recommend washing your decorated garments in cold/warm water with like colors and hang to dry or dry at low temperature. Do not iron over imprint area (does not apply to embroidery). Taking extra care of your garments will help prolong their appearance.

Rhinestones & Rhinestuds

For safety reasons, we do not apply rhinestones or rhinestuds to infant, toddler or youth clothing (under age 5) under any circumstance.

Limited Editions

Our Limited Editions (UrbanFly Apparel Co.) are printed using two methods since they are printed as ordered. We imprint the design using professional heat applied material which gives an amazing look and feel. We also screen print the designs onto the garment. With either method, we are CPSIA compliant which means all decoration methods are safe for children’s clothing. Please note, we do not print rhinestone designs on children’s clothing for safety reasons.

Please note, all limited edition garments are printed upon ordering and we can not honor returns or exchanges.