team autism

What Is Autism Awareness

This is a good question and is a bit different for many people. Our goal on Autism Awareness is simple and it starts with defining an individual. Example: We have a beautiful child who happens to be autistic. I wouldn’t say I have an autistic child. Autism doesn’t define him. He is so much more than that. This is the message we want to spread and hopefully change the stigma associated with it.

We care about families with autism, because we are a family with autism.

The Team Autism & The Northeast Printwear Connection

The Team Autism Facebook page was created by the owner of Northeast Printwear as a way to provide families, like ours – with valuable resources available to our children. The page has since grown and we have recently change it’s format to allow all members to help one another to include:

  • Sharing stories
  • Sharing valuable tips
  • Sharing resources and articles
  • Allow for a safe place to communicate with others
  • Be a part of community with like minded people who share the same challenges as other families

We’ve included Northeast Printwear in the Team Autism brand as another way for us to give back to the Autism Community. Like other families, we utilize services for our child who is autistic. We share similar hurdles and goals as other families including financial ones.

Many organizations and individual groups have reached out to us for fundraising tips, questions as well as ordering apparel. Our goal is to spread Autism Awareness in a positive way.

We would like to contribute funds for every Autism event, but that simply isn’t possible. In an effort to share our passion with other like minded groups in spreading awareness, we offer exclusive special pricing on custom apparel for fundraisers and events.

When ordering apparel or obtaining a quote, please include a message stating this is for an Autism Event.

Become A Part of The Team Autism Connection

If you own a business or have resources available to help those in need and are passionate about spreading Autism Awareness, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you. Also, please feel free to post your info and resources on our Team Autism Facebook Page.